Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Artist Bears by Gisela Hofmann

We are pleased to announce that our latest commission of artist bears from Gisela Hofmann are now on their way from Germany to California. The collection includes our final (fifth of five), realistic, black Sharis bear. We also have a few Malik moon bears and some lovely polar bears making the trip.

To see all the new bears in more detail, click the picture of the collection, or, click this link to take you to the artist bears section of our web site featuring Gisela Hofmann. Many thanks for visiting our artist bears section!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Web Site - Ready or Not!

Just a brief note to say we will be launching our new web site tomorrow and we hope that you will all check it out to see all the new features and artists.

We hope the changes make bear adoptions more enjoyable and easier. Please let us know your comments.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Jack & Lilia Bears Arrive

We are very proud to add to our collection the lovely artistry of Lynne Farmer of Jack & Lilia and Friends. Lynne recently sent a box full of handsome puppies, adorable kitties and bears filled with personality.

Most of these creatures are about 4 inches tall ad made of the finest material and with plenty of love.

Buddy, for example,is a little puppy made from brown Schulte mohair with white tummy insert and cashmere footpads and ear-linings. Buddy has English glass eyes and a bright black glass nose with whisker spots! He is cotter pin head jointed and 4-way thread jointed, filled with polyfibre and weighted with steel shot. A little handmade red leather collar with tiny brass buckle completes the cute puppy-look!

William, this little guy has been found in the attic! He measures 4” made from a soft Schulte sparse wavy mohair. With English glass eyes and a vintage button nose William has blushed cheeks. He is gently aged and has a cotton heart patch, tiny old mother of pearl button stitched to his body and a patched foot! He is cotter pin head jointed and 4-way thread jointed and filled with poly fibre and weighted with steel shot. William hopes to be rescued from the attic and given a new home!

We have yet to update our web site with all of Lynne's creations, but you can feel free to email us using, if you want any adoption information. All of the bears, dogs and cats retail for $134 + shipping. We hope you enjoy these handsome creations from Jack & Lilia and Friends as much as we do!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Gisela Hofmann Bears

We have recently received a very large box of exquisite teddy bears from Gisela Hofmann. Gisela makes bears for us about twice a year and always never ceases to amaze me.

This time, Gisela made for us one of her newest versions of the Moon Bear. Malik is a phenomenal bear. He sits upright and is 45cm tall. He is made of 5 different types of mohair, has feet sculpted of faux black leather, has 5 joints, wired arms and two different feet. He is simply amazing!

In the photo with Malik, is also a realistic black bear, Sharis. Sharis is a shop exclusive, limited edition. This is #4 of 5 and Sharis 5/5 is already reserved. Gisela also made a very special black cub named Sami. She is also a LE, shop exclusive and this #1 of 5 is already adopted.

Another fabulous bear is Laurenz. He is seen in the back row of this second photo, next to Valentin. Laurenz is 47cm tall with long, sparse mohair and has a double-jointed neck. His arms each have three joints, to give the ultimate is posing.

There are few words to describe just how wonderful these bears are. Gisela's bears are technically excellent and beautifully executed. We hope you'll visit her web page and check them out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buttercup Bears

We recently announced our relationship with Lynne Gilchrist of Buttercup Bears in Scotland in our sporadic newsletter. Doug's Bears is thrilled to have become the exclusive, authorized retailer for Buttercup Bears in North America. We believe Lynne's work adds another dimension to our bear offerings which we did not have previously. These darling little Buttercup Bears are rich in expression and full of vitality, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Lynne's bears have been an instant hit with our collectors. Many we adopted before even reaching the States and we now have several more requests for the next ones in the current editions, as well as reservations for new creations that Lynne is dreaming. These little bears are chocked full of wonderful personality and a lot of love. I am sure that if you check them out, you will agree. You may visit our exclusive Buttercup Bears by clicking this link, or any of the pictures in this blog entry. Thanks for looking!